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Malin Fezehai: Children

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Toro Mata up in Adams Morgan has an exhibit of photographs of children in Peru and DC that closes May 31. I wish their website said what the gallery hours are, but hopefully it is open whenever the shop is open.

Michael Lang: The Silent Observer

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Sample shots look interesting for this Touchstone Gallery exhibit from June 6 - July 8. There is an opening reception on Friday, June 8 from 6-8:30 pm. You can see some samples of Michael’s work before you go. I’m going to try and hit this one.

Spring is stirring…

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

And Artomatic is happening April 13-May20 in Crystal City. Yay!

If you plan on the spur-of-the-moment, a film on Sally Mann’s What Remains is being shown at the Corcoran tonight.
A bunch of shows around. To name a few that seem worth mentioning… National Geographic has an outdoor display of photos titled Zakouma, Elephant Crisis in Chad. Some beautiful photos, but just plain depressing. You’ll need to stop by the Spirit of Japanese Garden exhibit afterwards to regain your cool. That one isn’t depressing, except for maybe the fakey demo Japanese Garden that is shoehorned in to the exhibit. There are still a couple of Masters of Photography events left as well. Multiple Exposures gallery has Danny Conant and Roberto Kamide through April 2, and then Alan Sislen and Barbara Southworth until May 7. From the little images on the website, I’d say the second one looks more promising. Has anyone visited lately? I haven’t made it down there in quite a while.

On April 10, John Paul Caponigro is visiting UMD College Park with ASMP. He’s giving a free 7pm lecture after a not free workshop in the afternoon. I’d definitely go to this if I wasn’t going to be out of town. Please taunt me if you go, and tell me if it was good in case he comes back someday. NVCC Alexandria has a student photo show March 28 - April 18. The National Academy of Sciences is showing the winners of the Nikon Small World contest through May 1. The Ingrid Hansen Gallery is showing Kari Soinio - The Beautiful City April 5 - May 11.

If you plan way ahead, September 15 begins an Ansel Adams exhibit at the Corcoran. Before that, but still at the tail end of summer, there is an interesting looking exhibit “A Grate Life” in Rockville.

Finally, Frank van Riper has launched a new site with his photography columns, Talking Photography.

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Saw the Phil Borges exhibit before it closed, and it was worth seeing, although I think some of his earlier work was stronger. He made an appearance, but I did miss that, unfortunately. Note that the Kathleen Ewing Gallery has now moved to 1767 P Street NW.

Rich MacDonald “Recent Work” is at Project4. I like the Project4 space, and they have had some very good exhibits, but this one doesn’t excite me so I won’t be heading over there. If you go and I’m missing something, drop me a note. The description of the show states, “Rich MacDonald’s large-scale photographs are grand statements about very ordinary interior spaces.” The example on the site looks like a cross between a very ordinary apartment and an urban furniture store ad. I’m deeply skeptical of the “bigger makes it weighty and important” concept.

The Ellipse Arts Center has a juried exhibit of photos from the last 75 years (pretty open theme, I’d say!) and has a presentation on Feb21 about presenting works on paper. Georgetown’s Gallery 101 has Julieve Jubin’s “sleep” series showing Feb20-Apr11. She is discussing her work on Feb22 at 4pm. DOUBLE VISION: The Photographic Work of Yanina Manolova and Mark Parascandola is at Nevin Kelly. National Geographic has their spring events listed now, including the Masters of Photography presentations.

Finally, there is a new events website for DC arts at Unfortunately, the content is pretty sparse in amongst the ads and assorted website cruft, and it doesn’t look nearly as comprehensive as the City Paper listings. But let’s give it the benefit of the doubt for now and hope it really does become a comprehensive listing - that would be great. This blog used to try and be comprehensive, but it was just too darn much work keeping up with it.

Phil Borges at Kathleen Ewing & more

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

We moved to DC from Seattle, where I first saw Phil Borges‘ series of Tibetan photographs. I loved them. Kathleen Ewing has a show through February 10 of his work called Women Empowered. I haven’t been there yet, but will certainly make it before it closes. He has a very signature style that you probably either love or hate. I like it, even though it does lend a sameness to all of his work. Of course, the same can be said of most photographers, but since Phil’s style is so easily recognizable, I think it is more apparent.

Other stuff I’m intending to get out to see: Natural History Museum’s Nature’s Best Photography Awards (2006) through March 25. Adamson Editions’ Jessie Mann “Self Possessed” by Len Prince through Feb24. Spectrum Gallery showing Chet Hanchett.

If you haven’t been to National Geographic’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2006 exhibit, it is worthwhile - there are lots of talented photographers in the world. Even my two month old daughter loved this one, especially the flamingos. Closes Feb 4.

If you’re looking to get educated, The Corcoran’s Continuing Education department is having an open house on March 1. Or, NVCC is pushing their photography classes as well.

After last month’s MOCA competition, we thought DC would be OK with the whole nude thing, but ASMP had to rename their “NUDES, A Studio Social” event on February 13 to “Show Us Your Best Exposures” since it was getting spam-filtered by everyone’s email.
Yes, there’s lots more going on! Try the city paper listings for a pretty good list of events.

A. Aubrey Bodine

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Kathleen Ewing Gallery has a selection of vintage prints shot and printed by A. Aubrey Bodine. Wow. I’m glad that this runs through December 22 so you still have time to see it. I admit - I’d never heard of Mr. Bodine, who worked primarily in Baltimore up until 1970 as a news photographer. Granted, some of his stuff really tips over the line into cloying cuteness, but just ignore that stuff and focus on the rest. Some images would fit right in with the FSA photographers, and the composition of many of his images is just beautiful. Too many of his photographs capture the oft-bandied “decisive moment” for it to be just chance. I’d suspect choreography, but without knowing any better, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and believing these are captured moments. If you go, think of Salgado’s Workers series when you see the image of the man slinging copper ingots. Beautiful.

Don’t miss this one if you can go. The prints run $4-5k each, so you’re unlikely to be stocking up on these for your personal collection. The Baltimore Museum of Industry has an exhibition of his prints through April 27, 2007. If I’m up there, I’m definitely going to try and stop by.


Saturday, November 11th, 2006

As always, The City Paper has a good list of photo events in the area.

If you’ve got some good photos taken in Frederick County, MD, Frederick Magazine is running a competition with submissions due 12/1. ASMPDC has Get your DAM Stuff Together going on November 14&15. follows up with Digital Technician workshops November 18&19. Touchstone Gallery is accepting Entries for their 9th Annual All-Media Exhibition through December 13. Numark Gallery is shutting down, but The Last Show runs through December 16. And yes, we feel bad for making fun of their website now - we’re sure that’s what pushed them over the edge. Local photographer/workshop leader/author Mark Sincevich has a new book Snap on digital photography. Bert GF Shankman has a Maryland Artists’ Studio Tour stop Nov 11-12.

Surfing around, also found the following… Washington Photo Workshops has a $4,000 8 session (that is $500/session, fyi) workshop on shooting sports. Gallery 10 has lots of sub $500 pieces you can buy right Off The Wall through Nov 25. If you have anything good on the theme of “Drift” contact the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities because they want to project it really big downtown. Maxwell MacKenzie has “Sky Light” at the Fraser Gallery showing abandoned farm bits from around the world - looks pretty good. The Corcoran has Sight|insight, which is “Contemporary Photography from the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection.” Photoworks is showing works by Emily Whiting. December 13 has Michael Yamashita speaking and showing slides at National Geographic on The Epic Voyages of Zheng He. Don’t know if I can make it since we just had our first child (yes, there is an excuse for the lack of postings here), but you should go and tell me what I missed. Kathleen Ewing has a good-looking A. Aubrey Bodine: Baltimore Pictorial Photographer show that I am going to make it to before Dec 22. Spectrum Gallery and Chet Hanchett are displaying some somewhat sinister looking photos. Elvis is still in the room at Govinda Gallery through Dec 30, with “Elvis at 21: New York to Memphis,” images by Alfred Wertheimer. Smithsonian has Nature’s Best Photography Awards for 2006, plus Transitions: Photographs by Robert Creamer (sounds interesting - scanned images of plants and things over time), and finally “Visual Griots of Mali.” The Anacostia Museum is showing “DC Undercover: Photographs by Steven M. Cummings.” Transformer Gallery has an exhibit related to William Henry Fox Talbot entitled Gentle Reader, by Molly Springfield.

Finally, and this definitely deserves its own separate paragraph, you can win $200 from MOCA if you produce the snazziest nude photograph, “featured in, on or around one of America’s national landmarks or monuments.” We suggest you don’t pick the White House, since good lawyers cost more than $200. And that’s all our financial advice until next time.

Some sketchiness

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Blog has been moved to WordPress, so it looks a bit different and there are some unfinished elements still to be done. Blogger is horrible - so glad to be rid of them!

No artomatic…but take heart

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Despite the lack of information on their official website, Artomatic ain’t happening this year. Some people hate it, but I loved it, and hope it does take place next year.

November 10, Maxwell MacKenzie starts at Fraser with “Sky Light,” Black&Whites of the Midwest. October 3 opening for Multiple Exposures photographers Peggy Fleming: Full Moon on the Arabian Sea and Clifford Wheeler: I-SIGHT. ASMP DC has a talk by John Harrington, titled Lifelong Learning: No Photographer Left Behind. Kathleen Ewing Gallery has Rosamond Purcell: Bookworm and Richard Carter: Polar Night Skies through Oct. 28. Sept. 27 gives us Barbara Southworth: Waters of Life and Clifford Wheeler: Life after NOVA at NVCC’s Tyler gallery. From 6-8pm on Oct 19, The Corcoran has a Fall 2006 Continuing Education Open House.

I agree wholeheartedly with J.T. Kirkland on Wegman at Adamson. I don’t like dogs anyway, and a blue fruit bowl on the head doesn’t change my feelings. I did crap like this in high school, only I put silly things on my brother’s head. That said, the Wegman exhibit Funney/Strange at the American Art Museum has some bright spots, and is worth going to - particularly his older photographs without any dogs.

The next photography show ia already up at the National Gallery of Art - The Streets of New York: American Photographs from the Collection 1938-1958. This ought to be good. I grew up in the midwest, and even though I married a New Yorker, it is still a magical place, and even better in B&W.

Multiple Exposures jurying for new members

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Danny Conant wrote a while back indicating that Multiple Exposures Gallery is looking for two new members. Much of the work there is very good, so polish up your portfolio and drop it off between October 16-23. More details on their website, or I’m sure you can stop by.

Also, two other items I sadly neglected this morning: Fred Eberhart is showing with two other photographers (Sandi Croan and Jake McGuire) at the Broadway Gallery in Fairfax through Sep. 16. He does large digital mosaics of nature that look very well done - don’t know if I’ll make it to Fairfax for this, but if anyone else does, I’d be curious to hear about it. Second, Dave Montgomery is showing at Cafe Monet 9/18-10/15.