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What’s happening?

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Thanks to the three folks who sent advice for dcphotoscene. To sum up their thoughts and those of a few others who had emailed in the past: 1. The long lists are too overwhelming, 2. less frequent updates isn’t a deal-breaker, and 3. mini-reviews and information about what is actually good would be more useful. Hear ya! So here’s the plan. No more exhaustive updates - they take too much time. Instead, we’ll have a (hopefully) weekly posting with some tidbits, interspersed with snarkier editorializing. Vast tracts of time were spent was gathering the misc & sundry time and location information for the shows, since many websites are very poorly designed. More on that later. I’m also turning comments on, but we’ll see how that goes - if it takes too much time to weed out spam, they’ll be shut down. But for now, here’s what I see going on:

As always, The City Paper has the best list of photo events, even though they usually miss a bunch. Reza has photographs of Afghanistan up at National Geographic, plus they have several other photo exhibits to see while you’re there anyway. The castles they have set up are pretty slick, but they have nothing to do with photography - everyone was still drawing religious figures in flat 2D and shooting each-other with arrows waaaaay back then. Wegman is coming to Adamson on 9/16. His photos…not him. Kathleen Ewing Gallery has a new show starting September 8 - ROSAMOND PURCELL: Bookworm. Stanley Rowin is talking about the State of the Industry at the ASMP meeting on September 12. Annie Leibovitz is talking at the Corcoran on October 15. Yes, that Annie Leibovitz. And really her, but apparently NOT her photographs. Numark Gallery still has a head-slappingly crappy website, but is showing a Photo Redux through Oct. 6. I guess I’d rather see a bad website and good photos rather than the other way around, but if you have a gallery, try not to to hire someone who just learned flash programming to design your website. Photoworks is accepting suggestions/proposals for shows next year. On September 17, photographer Hai Bo is speaking at the Phillips. Multiple Exposures Gallery has photographs from Italy by Suzanne Quinlan starting September 4. Our Priceless Heritage: Snapshots in Time from America’s Public Lands has an incredibly long title for 20 photographs at the Smithsonian. It starts September 1.

Is Artomatic happening this year? Not sure, but let’s hope. That thing is fun.