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No artomatic…but take heart

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Despite the lack of information on their official website, Artomatic ain’t happening this year. Some people hate it, but I loved it, and hope it does take place next year.

November 10, Maxwell MacKenzie starts at Fraser with “Sky Light,” Black&Whites of the Midwest. October 3 opening for Multiple Exposures photographers Peggy Fleming: Full Moon on the Arabian Sea and Clifford Wheeler: I-SIGHT. ASMP DC has a talk by John Harrington, titled Lifelong Learning: No Photographer Left Behind. Kathleen Ewing Gallery has Rosamond Purcell: Bookworm and Richard Carter: Polar Night Skies through Oct. 28. Sept. 27 gives us Barbara Southworth: Waters of Life and Clifford Wheeler: Life after NOVA at NVCC’s Tyler gallery. From 6-8pm on Oct 19, The Corcoran has a Fall 2006 Continuing Education Open House.

I agree wholeheartedly with J.T. Kirkland on Wegman at Adamson. I don’t like dogs anyway, and a blue fruit bowl on the head doesn’t change my feelings. I did crap like this in high school, only I put silly things on my brother’s head. That said, the Wegman exhibit Funney/Strange at the American Art Museum has some bright spots, and is worth going to - particularly his older photographs without any dogs.

The next photography show ia already up at the National Gallery of Art - The Streets of New York: American Photographs from the Collection 1938-1958. This ought to be good. I grew up in the midwest, and even though I married a New Yorker, it is still a magical place, and even better in B&W.

Multiple Exposures jurying for new members

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Danny Conant wrote a while back indicating that Multiple Exposures Gallery is looking for two new members. Much of the work there is very good, so polish up your portfolio and drop it off between October 16-23. More details on their website, or I’m sure you can stop by.

Also, two other items I sadly neglected this morning: Fred Eberhart is showing with two other photographers (Sandi Croan and Jake McGuire) at the Broadway Gallery in Fairfax through Sep. 16. He does large digital mosaics of nature that look very well done - don’t know if I’ll make it to Fairfax for this, but if anyone else does, I’d be curious to hear about it. Second, Dave Montgomery is showing at Cafe Monet 9/18-10/15.

National Geographic and more

Friday, September 8th, 2006

City Paper photo listing will not steer you wrong.

National Geographic’s Masters of Photography lecture series at National Geographic is starting up for the fall with three events. September 21: Stephen L. Alvarez; October 17: Penny De Los Santos; December 13: Michael Yamashita. The October 17th Tuesdays at Noon film is The Photography Theater, with interviews of well known Nat. Geo. photographers. Other lectures include Dec 1: Jim Richardson on Following the Whisky Trail, Sep 27: Lekha Singh on The Other Side of War, and Oct 19: Gordon Wiltsie with a Journey to the Ends of the Earth.

On November 2, the Phillips will have a lecture titled Alfred Stieglitz—Impresario of the American Avant-Garde. Touchstone Gallery has two photography exhibits running through October 8: Harvey Kupferberg & J. Larry Golfer. Photoworks at Glen Echo has Emily Whiting B&W photography starting Oct 15, followed by images from their Beyond the Image class starting Dec 1.