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Saturday, November 11th, 2006

As always, The City Paper has a good list of photo events in the area.

If you’ve got some good photos taken in Frederick County, MD, Frederick Magazine is running a competition with submissions due 12/1. ASMPDC has Get your DAM Stuff Together going on November 14&15. follows up with Digital Technician workshops November 18&19. Touchstone Gallery is accepting Entries for their 9th Annual All-Media Exhibition through December 13. Numark Gallery is shutting down, but The Last Show runs through December 16. And yes, we feel bad for making fun of their website now - we’re sure that’s what pushed them over the edge. Local photographer/workshop leader/author Mark Sincevich has a new book Snap on digital photography. Bert GF Shankman has a Maryland Artists’ Studio Tour stop Nov 11-12.

Surfing around, also found the following… Washington Photo Workshops has a $4,000 8 session (that is $500/session, fyi) workshop on shooting sports. Gallery 10 has lots of sub $500 pieces you can buy right Off The Wall through Nov 25. If you have anything good on the theme of “Drift” contact the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities because they want to project it really big downtown. Maxwell MacKenzie has “Sky Light” at the Fraser Gallery showing abandoned farm bits from around the world - looks pretty good. The Corcoran has Sight|insight, which is “Contemporary Photography from the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection.” Photoworks is showing works by Emily Whiting. December 13 has Michael Yamashita speaking and showing slides at National Geographic on The Epic Voyages of Zheng He. Don’t know if I can make it since we just had our first child (yes, there is an excuse for the lack of postings here), but you should go and tell me what I missed. Kathleen Ewing has a good-looking A. Aubrey Bodine: Baltimore Pictorial Photographer show that I am going to make it to before Dec 22. Spectrum Gallery and Chet Hanchett are displaying some somewhat sinister looking photos. Elvis is still in the room at Govinda Gallery through Dec 30, with “Elvis at 21: New York to Memphis,” images by Alfred Wertheimer. Smithsonian has Nature’s Best Photography Awards for 2006, plus Transitions: Photographs by Robert Creamer (sounds interesting - scanned images of plants and things over time), and finally “Visual Griots of Mali.” The Anacostia Museum is showing “DC Undercover: Photographs by Steven M. Cummings.” Transformer Gallery has an exhibit related to William Henry Fox Talbot entitled Gentle Reader, by Molly Springfield.

Finally, and this definitely deserves its own separate paragraph, you can win $200 from MOCA if you produce the snazziest nude photograph, “featured in, on or around one of America’s national landmarks or monuments.” We suggest you don’t pick the White House, since good lawyers cost more than $200. And that’s all our financial advice until next time.