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A. Aubrey Bodine

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Kathleen Ewing Gallery has a selection of vintage prints shot and printed by A. Aubrey Bodine. Wow. I’m glad that this runs through December 22 so you still have time to see it. I admit - I’d never heard of Mr. Bodine, who worked primarily in Baltimore up until 1970 as a news photographer. Granted, some of his stuff really tips over the line into cloying cuteness, but just ignore that stuff and focus on the rest. Some images would fit right in with the FSA photographers, and the composition of many of his images is just beautiful. Too many of his photographs capture the oft-bandied “decisive moment” for it to be just chance. I’d suspect choreography, but without knowing any better, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and believing these are captured moments. If you go, think of Salgado’s Workers series when you see the image of the man slinging copper ingots. Beautiful.

Don’t miss this one if you can go. The prints run $4-5k each, so you’re unlikely to be stocking up on these for your personal collection. The Baltimore Museum of Industry has an exhibition of his prints through April 27, 2007. If I’m up there, I’m definitely going to try and stop by.