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Phil Borges at Kathleen Ewing & more

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

We moved to DC from Seattle, where I first saw Phil Borges‘ series of Tibetan photographs. I loved them. Kathleen Ewing has a show through February 10 of his work called Women Empowered. I haven’t been there yet, but will certainly make it before it closes. He has a very signature style that you probably either love or hate. I like it, even though it does lend a sameness to all of his work. Of course, the same can be said of most photographers, but since Phil’s style is so easily recognizable, I think it is more apparent.

Other stuff I’m intending to get out to see: Natural History Museum’s Nature’s Best Photography Awards (2006) through March 25. Adamson Editions’ Jessie Mann “Self Possessed” by Len Prince through Feb24. Spectrum Gallery showing Chet Hanchett.

If you haven’t been to National Geographic’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2006 exhibit, it is worthwhile - there are lots of talented photographers in the world. Even my two month old daughter loved this one, especially the flamingos. Closes Feb 4.

If you’re looking to get educated, The Corcoran’s Continuing Education department is having an open house on March 1. Or, NVCC is pushing their photography classes as well.

After last month’s MOCA competition, we thought DC would be OK with the whole nude thing, but ASMP had to rename their “NUDES, A Studio Social” event on February 13 to “Show Us Your Best Exposures” since it was getting spam-filtered by everyone’s email.
Yes, there’s lots more going on! Try the city paper listings for a pretty good list of events.