No artomatic…but take heart

Despite the lack of information on their official website, Artomatic ain’t happening this year. Some people hate it, but I loved it, and hope it does take place next year.

November 10, Maxwell MacKenzie starts at Fraser with “Sky Light,” Black&Whites of the Midwest. October 3 opening for Multiple Exposures photographers Peggy Fleming: Full Moon on the Arabian Sea and Clifford Wheeler: I-SIGHT. ASMP DC has a talk by John Harrington, titled Lifelong Learning: No Photographer Left Behind. Kathleen Ewing Gallery has Rosamond Purcell: Bookworm and Richard Carter: Polar Night Skies through Oct. 28. Sept. 27 gives us Barbara Southworth: Waters of Life and Clifford Wheeler: Life after NOVA at NVCC’s Tyler gallery. From 6-8pm on Oct 19, The Corcoran has a Fall 2006 Continuing Education Open House.

I agree wholeheartedly with J.T. Kirkland on Wegman at Adamson. I don’t like dogs anyway, and a blue fruit bowl on the head doesn’t change my feelings. I did crap like this in high school, only I put silly things on my brother’s head. That said, the Wegman exhibit Funney/Strange at the American Art Museum has some bright spots, and is worth going to - particularly his older photographs without any dogs.

The next photography show ia already up at the National Gallery of Art - The Streets of New York: American Photographs from the Collection 1938-1958. This ought to be good. I grew up in the midwest, and even though I married a New Yorker, it is still a magical place, and even better in B&W.

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