Saw the Phil Borges exhibit before it closed, and it was worth seeing, although I think some of his earlier work was stronger. He made an appearance, but I did miss that, unfortunately. Note that the Kathleen Ewing Gallery has now moved to 1767 P Street NW.

Rich MacDonald “Recent Work” is at Project4. I like the Project4 space, and they have had some very good exhibits, but this one doesn’t excite me so I won’t be heading over there. If you go and I’m missing something, drop me a note. The description of the show states, “Rich MacDonald’s large-scale photographs are grand statements about very ordinary interior spaces.” The example on the site looks like a cross between a very ordinary apartment and an urban furniture store ad. I’m deeply skeptical of the “bigger makes it weighty and important” concept.

The Ellipse Arts Center has a juried exhibit of photos from the last 75 years (pretty open theme, I’d say!) and has a presentation on Feb21 about presenting works on paper. Georgetown’s Gallery 101 has Julieve Jubin’s “sleep” series showing Feb20-Apr11. She is discussing her work on Feb22 at 4pm. DOUBLE VISION: The Photographic Work of Yanina Manolova and Mark Parascandola is at Nevin Kelly. National Geographic has their spring events listed now, including the Masters of Photography presentations.

Finally, there is a new events website for DC arts at Unfortunately, the content is pretty sparse in amongst the ads and assorted website cruft, and it doesn’t look nearly as comprehensive as the City Paper listings. But let’s give it the benefit of the doubt for now and hope it really does become a comprehensive listing - that would be great. This blog used to try and be comprehensive, but it was just too darn much work keeping up with it.

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