Spring is stirring…

And Artomatic is happening April 13-May20 in Crystal City. Yay!

If you plan on the spur-of-the-moment, a film on Sally Mann’s What Remains is being shown at the Corcoran tonight.
A bunch of shows around. To name a few that seem worth mentioning… National Geographic has an outdoor display of photos titled Zakouma, Elephant Crisis in Chad. Some beautiful photos, but just plain depressing. You’ll need to stop by the Spirit of Japanese Garden exhibit afterwards to regain your cool. That one isn’t depressing, except for maybe the fakey demo Japanese Garden that is shoehorned in to the exhibit. There are still a couple of Masters of Photography events left as well. Multiple Exposures gallery has Danny Conant and Roberto Kamide through April 2, and then Alan Sislen and Barbara Southworth until May 7. From the little images on the website, I’d say the second one looks more promising. Has anyone visited lately? I haven’t made it down there in quite a while.

On April 10, John Paul Caponigro is visiting UMD College Park with ASMP. He’s giving a free 7pm lecture after a not free workshop in the afternoon. I’d definitely go to this if I wasn’t going to be out of town. Please taunt me if you go, and tell me if it was good in case he comes back someday. NVCC Alexandria has a student photo show March 28 - April 18. The National Academy of Sciences is showing the winners of the Nikon Small World contest through May 1. The Ingrid Hansen Gallery is showing Kari Soinio - The Beautiful City April 5 - May 11.

If you plan way ahead, September 15 begins an Ansel Adams exhibit at the Corcoran. Before that, but still at the tail end of summer, there is an interesting looking exhibit “A Grate Life” in Rockville.

Finally, Frank van Riper has launched a new site with his photography columns, Talking Photography.

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  1. gwadzilla Says:

    how does one know when the next local ART-O-MATIC is going to happen?

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